Why Career & Technical Education?

Do you love learning how things work? Are you passionate about building and creating? Do you enjoy diagnosing problems and developing solutions? In the School of Career & Technical Education, you can explore many careers that turn your passion and talent into a high-tech, in-demand and rewarding job. 

Apprenticeship is a combination of technical classes and on-the-job training. Once you complete the workplace and classroom assignments, you will receive a completion certificate and be recognized as a Journeyman in your chosen industry nationwide.

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This program prepares you to troubleshoot, accurately diagnose and skillfully repair and maintain cars and other hybrid vehicles using industry tools and processes. You will learn through industry standard curriculum and hands-on experience with real customer vehicles using high-tech computer equipment for diagnosis.

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Columbia Basin College is offering Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training in partnership with T Enterprises Trucking School in Pasco, WA. In-class and hands-on driving instruction will take place at T Enterprises Trucking School.

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This program develops highly skilled professionals, able to apply scientific understanding of the physical interaction of radiation with the human body and the environment to maintain protection from the potential hazards of radiation. The BAS degree in Health Physics curriculum is aligned with Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET) standards. 

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This program prepares you for performing precise, accurate measurements and creating or making modifications of metal parts for the repair, design or manufacturing of other products. Machinists transform raw materials using steels, aluminum, bronze, copper, composites and plastics into useful working parts and assemblies. 

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You can prepare for one of three distinct careers: Radiation Protection Technician, Instrumentation and Control Technician or Non-Licensed Operator. You'll learn the in-depth math, science and technology behind power-plant operating systems, as well as the management and disposal of nuclear waste. The program is part of the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program and nationally accredited by the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations (INPO). 

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This program prepares you to apply basic health and safety principles including physics, engineering principles and technical skills in support of the workforce. You'll learn about industrial and construction safety principles as well as nuclear and other industries.

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Welding involves the fusion of metals using extreme heat to create useful metal objects and repairs from blueprints or original drawings and designs. Welders are utilized in every industry where metals are used. 

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